Artist Book
Photographic Genres
Book/Packaging design

This is an appropriation of music videos as glitched visuals with the use of generative code. Documented throughout a month, the project studies the relationship of our emotions and music/media consumption on the daily basis.

The outcome displays a collage of pixelated video frames rendered from music videos depicting a coloured artwork — assigned to respective dates of the month in the calendar.

Packaging Concept:

To instill the concept of mobile media consumption, Afiq came up with a simple idea of compartmentalising the prints in a compact packaging that mimics/resembles the feel of a smartphone box. This is done to highlight the overconsumption of digital media in our day lives - watching videos only at our own convenience. So, when you open up the book, it gives off a familiar feeling of unboxing your fresh new smartphone!

Postcard Prints:

When Afiq first came with the concept, he knew that he wanted to experiment with a publication design that gives readers freedom to read/intepret. Hence he came up with this concept of postcard prints which lets readers to play around with the cards and let them intepret the meaning and believe of the publication itself!

In the individual postcard design Afiq included the date of the month together with the emotion related at the back while the pixelated design of the music video watched on that date is printed at the front!

Prototype 1:

Working on a packaging style concept for a publication is tricky as Afiq had to test print alot so as to see how it will look and feel like. This is an important step to Afiq as it requires him to understand the anatomy and design of a packaging diecut.

This prototype was fun to work on but Afiq finds that it lacks the feel and familiarity of opening up your newly purchased smartphone!

*One non-negotiable design easter egg is the smartphone collage that Afiq included in the design. At first it looks like any other pattern design or similar to the pixelated music videos he printed. But it is in fact smartphones of his and his peers scanned in a form and printed onto the insides of the packaging design!

Prototype 2:

Exciting! Afiq finds that this prototype was the most fun to work with as he designed and built it from scratch. He started of by analysing and studying various packaging designs and adapted the concept on this version.

This time, Afiq had to do more ground work and test print multiple times to get the ideal measurements and design! It also affected the type of material Afiq chose for his design as he had to make sure that it is foldable and does not crease when folded!

Despite the tedious crafting, Afiq finds this process most valuable as he is able to build his crafting skills as a designer!

Final outcome: