Damn Jialat Roomies...
Forsman & Bodenfors Netflix SG
Industry Live Project Brief
LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Celine Audrey, Xuening Goh, Afiq Shubi Din

What’s Up?:

Turn a Netflix show #1 in Singapore!

Based on the Netflix docuseries ‘Worst Roommate Ever’, we decided to evoke curiosity through the play of satirical listings. Using the existing personas featured in the docuseries, we crafted various copies of rental listings based on their crimes.

The kicker? To make Singaporeans curious til they HAVE to watch it. Using the idea of hijacking listing spaces, we decided to go with the sheepish way of annoyance - What’s more annoying than spotting these listings all around? Jia lat leh!!!


The Idea:

Due to the over-saturated rental market in Singapore, its crucial to evoke curiosity and blatant social buzz to make sure this promotional campaign stands out! As popularly re-introduced in @Publicnoticesg on Instagram, it is a convenient mode of affordable advertising OR complaint adopted in the local Singaporean culture.

The Execution:

Hijacking public and online notices with the story elements from the show! We thought the best way to go through with this is to list satirical listings/notices at where you would look for room rentals, lift lobbies and even news outlets. 

But more importantly we thought it was important we included it into intimate spaces close to where we are diverted to focus! - the urinals. 

Damn jialat, its everywhere hor!

How we do it :
Re-Introducing Characters + Storyline as Public Notices

As the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. But in this sunny island, it’s Singaporeans that kills off curiosity. Its the way we thrive and live within the local Singaporean community!

Characters and incidents from the show will be portrayed in forms of public notices designed informally. The goal here is to make these printed sheets of paper seemingly unnoticeable amongst the other notices. You’d only get the gist of the notice after reading it! The way we see it - Annoyance to garner attention. We believe that in no time the show will go buzzing across town ;)