make, shift
Visual Identity Design
Exhibition Curation
Art Direction

Project leads:
Andreas Schlegel, Nadine Ouellet & Gideon Kong

Design & Art Direction:
Aditi Krishna Neti & Afiq Shubi Din

LASALLE College of the Arts,

Make, Shift is a generative exhibition that takes shape over the period of one month – starting from a clean, blank slate. A series of workshops on computational and visual studies will be conducted. Continuously unfolding, the space will gradually fill with visual experiments and artefacts generated by the participants.

The Concept:

We chose to use the shape of the space(floorplan outline) as a basis for generative experiments. Since the exhibition comprises of outcomes informed by computational creative practices, we subjected our initial shape to an algorithm that manipulated its shape for every workshop. 

These shapes, that were 'makeshift' in every sense, were used to generate posters, decals for the exhibition space and promotional videos.

Poster SeriesWe created a series of posters for every workshop using the shape grammar defined above. These posters were distributed via email and social media to invite students to participate in the workshops.

Exhibition SpaceUsing the same visual language, we decorated the space using crafting tapes, updated over the duration of the series of workshop. This is to iterate upon the notion of ‘making’ and ‘shifting’ highlighted in the outcomes from each workshop!