SG Biennale 2022 Design Brief

Nora Jumari
Ying Jia Ang
Rossane Putri
Afiq Shubi Din

Branding & Identity Workshop outcome 
led by Melvin Tan from Currency Design

As the 2022 Biennale moved away from the conventional focus on visuals and spectacle, we decided to focus on a non-branding and anti-design approach, almost minimal and mocking the usual conventional design approach. We took everyday familiar objects and decontextualized them by taking them out of context. This is also a nod to their art direction of wanting to focus on other senses and sensibilities and how formless form shape.

Just like how the Biennale is named Natasha and everything might seem the same, yet what it was is now different, we altered the meaning of these objects and put them together in the context of the biennale to forge relation with what is around. This is to also build on the feeling of curiosity, unfamiliarity and discomfort as the biennale envision a spectacle beyond the unfamiliar.

The Big Idea

Framing everyday objects as non-symbolic symbols (Get the drift?) We are manipulating random objects from our everyday lives to alter their respective meanings and symbolism when brought together. This unification is in hopes to promote the move to a non-speculative type of branding and identity - basically almost formless & free!

The best way to capture the essence of formless identity is by capturing belongings or in this case objects that may or may not belong to different people! This way it sends out a suggestive notion of personal belonging(Natasha) yet formless. 


Since the branding will be non-speculative, we settled for a simple and clean treatment for type with ‘Helvetica Neue’ in black & white. Instead of overcompensating for the lack of identification, we thought a simple acronym of the event’s name will make up for it. 

The following are form, type & layout experiments that were done to play around the notion of conveying speculation with a formless identity.

Variation & Adaptations

Furthering the notion of formless identity and symbolism, we thought that this is an opportunity to play with colour - not specifically based on any theme!

Apart from that we did a quick mock-up on the merchandise - specifically a tote bag(loved by many) We saw this as an opportunity to combine all of these items and clump them up into a seamless pattern making it almost formless and decorative in the end!